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Topic: porting audio/music from PC to PSP

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    Question porting audio/music from PC to PSP

    My boss told me to port sound effects and music soundtrack from PC to PSP...

    are there any special formats or something ? or can I use 44kHz waves or ADPCM or IMADPCM Waves on PSP ???

    Any1 can help me with pointing me into direction to some docs on web ???

    EDIT: how much to charge for use of my soundtrack on different platform ? in % ?

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    Re: porting audio/music from PC to PSP

    Well, it will depend in part on what game engine the developer is using. For music, most of the time it is streamed from the disc in ATRAC3 or ATRAC3Plus format. Sound Forge can convert to ATRAC3, but to get ATRAC3Plus you'll need the Sony Developer Tools I think...(at3tool).

    Apart from that, some engines will convert the WAV files into ADPCM at runtime for the PSP, so you may not need to actually 'port' them.

    Jamey probably has some additional info on this - he's worked on the PSP longer than I have.

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