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Topic: GPO Studio hates my keyboard

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    Question GPO Studio hates my keyboard

    Hey Guys. I've got a weird problem that hasn't yet popped up when I've searched the forums.

    GPO works great in Finale. It works great in Cubase. It works great with the standalone player (PersonalOrchestra.exe). But when I load up Garritan Studio, it doesn't recognize my MIDI keyboard....like the keyboard isn't even plugged in.

    I had a similar problem with the standalone player when I first started out, but it got easily fixed by turning on the MIDI interface under File-->Setup-->MIDI. My intuition tells me that GPO Studio has the same problem, but I can't find a "setup" or anything to let the program know that I do indeed have a MIDI keyboard connected to the computer. Is there any way to just tell Studio that there really is a keyboard next door, and that they should get together sometime over a cup of hot data and maybe work out their problems?

    This situation isn't dire or anything (I can still use cubase and finale), but I'm sure you guys can understand how annoying it must be to have something that should work, but doesn't. I appreciate any help!

    p.s. some attempted fixes that haven't worked: re-installing MIDI/USB drivers (M-Audio UNO); trying various permutations of restarting computer, plugging in the keyboard, turning off computer, etc.; re-installing Studio (latest release, 2.0).

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    Re: GPO Studio hates my keyboard

    GPO Studio isn't addressed directly by MIDI; it uses drivers that show up as ports in host software (like notation programs and sequencers.) You must address Studio through a host program. It is not designed to work as a standalone.


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    Re: GPO Studio hates my keyboard

    I suppose you could use MIDI-Ox to route the keyboard to Studio.

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