so i tried converting my VSL woodwinds piccolo file to nki through Kontact and i started going through the 'programs' folder. 'basic instruments' converted all of those. 'trigger release' converted all those. and then when i got to 'combinations' i start to realize that they are literally combinations of the 'basic instruments' right? i am clearly new to all this.

anyway, by the time i got down to 'standard all' i started to think that i should have just done that file and saved a few hours of my life. is this correct? are things missing that i don't know about?

then when i opened the file in Kontakt 2 Demo (gotta make a decision on this) i noticed that there were grey keys on the keyboard and red ones for keyswitches right? So can't i just notate the keyswitches in Finale and trigger the articulations through play back that way? also, how does it respond to articulations notated in Finale 2006 (what i'm using)?

also, what about the other piccolo sample perf-leg-mf? can i combine the two using translator into one super nki file? if so how? (downloading translator as i write this) it seems a little too easy.

and try to be kind, i've had VSL and GigaStudio for months now and haven't been able to make the damned thing work, so you can imagine that i'm pretty stoked right now. I WANT MY LIFE BACK TASCAM!!!