The last time there have been (and are) a lot of posts regarding GS3 & rewire problems. So I'll give a positive input in this case.
The link

points to the composition


which have had the first performance last year in Vienna with the Ensemble Neue Streicher, Gabriel Guillén, guitar and Jovan Pesec, daw (ZTAR).

The composition uses 2 VST synthesizers (M42 Nebula & Camel5000) and Gigastudio 3 in rewire mode in a forte ensemble rack.
The synthesizer part & GS3 was controlled using a MIDI guitar (ZTAR)
Below you can see my little son Oskar playing the ZTAR.

Each "string" of the ZTAR is conncected to synthesizers or GS3.
e --> M42 Nebula
h --> Camel5000 (Crab Pulsar)
g,D,A,E --> GS3 (lib.: Dream experience & Drone Archeology)

The whole composition is based on images of the crab nebula taken by Voyager and the impulse of the crab.pulsar (used in Cameleon5000).

And a 2 bar folks melody which Gabriel Guillén heard two years ago on a concert tour through Algeria.
The backgound of the compositions (which is part of my space.suite "is.any.body.out.there?) is a starship which enters the Crab Nebula and leave it again.

Have fun and give feedback,