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Topic: It's time to listen to some good music. . .

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    It's time to listen to some good music. . .

    I've started threads like this before here. But DANG! There is some GREAT music found here! Lots and Lots of talent!!

    I consider visiting this particular site to listen to good music to be "My Time". I'm finding less and less time to spend on the internet. Work is busy, home life is filled with gardens to be planted and lawns to be mowed, a wife to be kept happy (in soooo many ways! LOL!), and there's always the precious "other time" where music is attempted to be created. Sadly, there isn't much time for just "My Time".

    Well. I'm off from work. It's raining outside so landscaping and lawn work won't get done. The wife is sleeping after a long night's work at the hospital (we're both nurses, and both the night shift). And I'm just too tired to put pencil to paper to create anything musical.

    It's a perfect time for "My Time".

    Listening. . . enjoying the musical journeys, learning, relaxing.

    With warm and grateful respect to the talented composers and musicians found on this bulletin board. May you all find some "Your Time" for yourselves.

    Music and humor are healthy for the soul.

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    Re: It's time to listen to some good music. . .

    Brief update. . .

    About 3 minutes after I finished creating this thread, my ever loving wife woke up! It also stopped raining outside. And I found myself leaving the computer to plant a few more bushes in our hillside.

    Was too tired to return to the computer to write or listen to any music.

    BUT!! Woke up this early this morning, while my wife was still at work, and had a WONDERFUL time listening to great, great music.

    Such a variety of styles found here! Such talented composers found here!!

    This really is a very pleasant place to visit to relax, unwind, kick the feet up and chill out.


    Music and humor are healthy for the soul.

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