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Topic: Trail Of Tears

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    Trail Of Tears

    This is about the trials of Tribes forced on long treks to
    Reservations in Oklahomahttp://www.soundclick.com/images/navigation/songLogo70x70.gif

    I COPIED THE SCORE in a new STAFF with correct
    sounds.hi-fi URL:

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    Re: Trail Of Tears

    Quote Originally Posted by garymosse
    This is about the trials of Tribes forced on long treks to
    Reservations in Oklahomahttp: //www.soundclick.com/images/navigation/songLogo70x70.gif
    Gary, this link isn't working.

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    Exclamation Re: Trail Of Tears

    Hey Gary,

    Hard at work,I see. I do not know if you saw my other post on how to copy the links to your songs. So here we go...
    1. After you have signed in to Soundclick.com... click on the "band administration" in the upper right hand corner of the page.
    2. click the "edit" for the appropriate band.
    3. Look for "Your URL"...it should be fairly close to the top of the page. Below the grey area and above "Songs". click "linking tool".
    4. "what would you like to link?" A song. Then hit "submit"
    5. There should be a list of all your songs. Look for the one you want to share. You should have 2 options, lo-fi or hi-fi. We will concentrate on the best quality... hi-fi. Highlight the entire link... starting with "http://". Anyway, highlight that whole line then hit Apple key+C. That will copy the link to your clipboard.
    6. If need be, open another window to get to the forum. Start your thread. To paste the link hit Apple key+V. It should the look like this http://www.soundclick.com/util/getpl...d=4189570&q=hi
    7. to be on the safe side... hit "preview post"...the link should the be active. Hit submit... and we are all grinnin'!!!
    Let's get to listenin'!!

    If you have any questions, Gary, put them on this threadand we will figure it out!

    Prowland the posting Ninja

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    Thumbs up Re: Trail Of Tears

    I just checked out the tune on soundclick. Wow, it starts out so straight forward and then at 2:16 it all goes awry! Then, it all comes back again. I loved it!! Really outside my style of writing... which is probably what I like about it.


    Well done... now if we could only figure out links for everybody else! LOL Well done!!

    Prowland the posting Ninja

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    Re: Trail Of Tears

    Okay... lol... apparently you got to it, PAUL, but I haven't
    figured out how.

    What's the link?


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    Re: Trail Of Tears


    You smushed your link into the text. And on top off it, it is a link to an image.

    Please report the link.



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    Exclamation Re: Trail Of Tears

    Hey guys,

    Here is a link to all 3 of his pieces...
    Southwest Winds

    I cannot access his individual song links, but that will get you to the whole shebang. I really enjoyed Trail of Tears! It is really well done.

    David, I think that he should spark your interest. In my experience, it is something new! Enjoy!

    Again for Gary... Bravo!

    Prowland the posting Ninja

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    Re: Trail Of Tears


    I nearly forgot... the way I got the link to just look like the words "Southwest Winds".

    Use this mark to start with... [
    then use... url=
    Then paste in the link...
    close it off with...]
    Type in the name of the song...
    use another... [
    Then type... /url
    and close with a... ]

    Sorry I had to type this out like that, but when I tried typing it in other ways... it just made a link to nowhere! LOL

    Give it another try, Gary. We will get your on here! In case you missed it, I have the place to look for your links on an earlier post on this thread. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask!

    Prowland the posting Ninja

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    Re: Trail Of Tears

    Top notch writing. For me it captured the image of the forced marches. The use of the flute was a nice touch and well handled. Bravo!
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