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Topic: Finale HP + GPO + percussion rolls

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    Finale HP + GPO + percussion rolls

    how does one get HumanPlayback to recognize the sampled rolls (for example cymbal) and apply crescendos (hairpins) to them?

    HP needs to think of those sampled rolls as "sustaining" instruments and apply the crescendos the same way. should I change the name of the staff to a "non percussion" name and not use "percussion notation"?

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    Re: Finale HP + GPO + percussion rolls


    I think you will somehow have to cheat HP into believing, the instrument is non-percussive. The sampled roll is a 1-note roll, that responds to CC#1. Alternatively you create an expression with a CC#1 playback shape. Or draw the CC#1 shape with the MIDI tool | Scale...

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    Re: Finale HP + GPO + percussion rolls

    oops, Nickue, somehow I missed your response here on this subject.

    I found an easier way to fool Finale and HP.
    HP assumes that a percussion cleff or percussion notation means velocity-based treatment for all volumes.
    So after examining many orcehstral scores, I came to the decision that I would use what appears to be the majority consensus (at least in the orchestral scores I have purchased over the last 30 years) which is -
    percussion staves with no clef at all, just a single staff per instrument.

    I also found that HumanPlayback ignores staff styles, so I can set the staff style to single staff, short barline, and percussion notation, without HP taking it into account!


    lovely single line cymbal notation with hairpins that affect rolls.

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