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Topic: The Strange Dept: Sound Healing

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    The Strange Dept: Sound Healing

    Sally Owen, spiritual medium and healer, writes about Sound Healing.
    "In addition to my mediumship and transpersonal intuitive readings, I have performed full-spectrum harmonic sound and vibrational healing via the profound effects of perfectly tuned tuning forks. I use techniques based on the power and wisdom of Pythagorean mathematics and harmonics."

    Maybe it's time for a tuning fork library! I never knew there were so many tuning forks!

    What is Sound?
    "Sound is LIGHT which can be slowed down into exact and varied cycles per second (cps/hz), musical tonal notes, and created overtones which allow the body and soul to unite in natural harmony in order for Light to be heard, felt, and manifested as healing harmonics."
    What about Angels?
    "I work with more than 29 different frequencies which range from 32 cps to 4225 cps (hz). Angels have the abilities to bless these frequencies and direct them as Light so that the harmoics combine and interact with each other to achieve vibrations known as the "Music of the Spheres".

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    Re: The Strange Dept: Sound Healing

    Hmmm...I had a chance meeting with Sally in San Francisco a couple years ago. She was dining with a friend next to my table at a restaurant in Little Italy. We had a long and interesting discussion about this very subject.

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    Re: The Strange Dept: Sound Healing

    A trumpet player i know has a wooden box made of very old piano sound-board spruce. He taps his tuning fork and then places it's base into a sized hole in the box. It then sings out loud with a long and rich warm sustain. If you can get them in every note, I would like to make an instrument like this with all the notes, where they stay in the holes and you tap with a mallet, and just happen to have the piano sound-board spruce. It will be kinda expensive to do, tuning forks aren't cheap, but i think worth it.

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    Re: The Strange Dept: Sound Healing

    You know. . .

    This is both interesting and a cause for concern for me. A fair amount of valid research has been done throughout the years regarding the therapeutic effects of music. Most research liturature focused on music therapy provides evidence that music has a calming/relaxing/"feeling positive" effect for patients receiving chemotherapy, waiting for surgery, sitting in a dentist's office, etc., etc., etc. I've grown to believe that if providing music, or visual art, or promoting the participation in some kind of diverstional activity (like drawing, sewing, praying, reading) is calming for the patient receiving chemotherapy, or the patient about to have open heart surgery or person reaching the end of his or her life then lets freakin' provide that music, art, or whatever! Heck! If buzzing a tuning fork over a patient's head provides a needed calming effect, then get out those tuning forks! But it scares me to think that some people might advocate the use of tuning forks or other "alternative therapies" in place of conventional treatment. I have taken care of patients who have received just the "alternative therapy" only to die from what might have been a potentially curable disease.

    Now I am NOT saying that Western Medicine (which I happen to strongly advocate) is the ONLY truly effective medicine that a person can have. But I want the best healing treatment for my family or for myself that has positive, unbiased, quantifiable and reproducable research behind it. And please! Provide me, also, some well crafted music to listen to as I wait for the dentist or wait to have my colonoscopy or receive that chemotherapy (if I should ever need such therapy).

    Oh. You can keep the tuning forks. . . .

    Interesting topic. I think I'll share this web page on the nursing web site that I visit/moderate. Thank you, Mr. Garritan!

    Happy composing, folks.

    Music and humor are healthy for the soul.

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    Re: The Strange Dept: Sound Healing

    Sound is LIGHT which can be slowed down into exact and varied cycles per second (cps/hz)
    Argh! Someone give this woman some physics lessons! The one thing sound definatly ISN'T is a form of electromagnetic radiation, no no no. Bad lady.

    These mystical con-artists using made up psudo-scientific nonsense in their marketing blurb really get up my nose :P

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    Re: The Strange Dept: Sound Healing

    Navidson has it exactly right. "Step right up ladies and gentlemen! For one thin dime I will cure all your ills with Dr. Gullible's Magic Elixir!" Just one more failure for science education . . . Everyone on the planet should be required to have a subscription to "Skeptical Inquirer" or "Skeptic" magazine to get their science straight and receive a credulity-ectomy.

    Tom (wading daily with hip boots through the nonsense)

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    Re: The Strange Dept: Sound Healing

    I, for one, am no skeptic; I firmly believe in the power of tuna forks.

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    Re: The Strange Dept: Sound Healing

    do chickens really live in the sea?

    uhhh duhh

    oh I ges dat wuz a dum qwestion

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    Re: The Strange Dept: Sound Healing

    How about magnetic tuning forks.

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    Re: The Strange Dept: Sound Healing

    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Hopkins

    Tom (wading daily with hip boots through the nonsense)
    You are not alone!!!!


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