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Topic: Any advice re: Socket AM2 motherboards for music?

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    Any advice re: Socket AM2 motherboards for music?

    What's the skinny on AM2 motherboards? Are they OK for DAW building? Any advice on which one? Which manufacturer? What to stay away from?

    Ron Williams
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    Re: Any advice re: Socket AM2 motherboards for music?

    Well, the AM2 boards support DDR2 memory at 800Mhz versus previous memory speeds of 400Mhz and below. Further, some take advantage of 64-bit memory addressing to support 16-32GB of this 800Mhz RAM, versus the previous 32-bit limit of 4GB. The other main advantage, although not new with the AM2, is the support for Athlon 64 X2 dual processors. I would stay away from anything that will not allow you to upgrade your memory to 16GB or more. Try looking for this make and model: ECS NFORCE4M-A (V1.1). A point of interest about this board is its claim to support 32GB of 800Mhz DDR2 RAM. It's the only non-server board I've seen that says it supports it. Otherwise, this board is unremarkable. My last board that I bought in at the end of 2001 supported 4GB of registered DDR PC2100 RAM or 3GB of the unregistered, regular type. I have 3GB installed now, and am still using it for sequencing with virtual instruments. A friend of mine put together a system for his brother with an ECS board and says that he has had no problems setting it up. I wouldn't act soley on my advice, however. Look for reviews of the product. One thing, too, that you may want to keep an eye out for is Windows Vista. If you haven't, you might read what you can on how it will handle large amounts of RAM in programs and how its audio programming will work.

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    Chris. Dratz

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    Arrow Re: Any advice re: Socket AM2 motherboards for music?

    The Northern Sound Source Microsoft Audio forum is up now:

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    Chris Dratz

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