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Topic: Alto Sax 2 sounds like a tenor sax

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    Alto Sax 2 sounds like a tenor sax

    When trying to use Alto Sax 2, it appears to sound like a tenor sax. Is it possible that Alto Sax 2 is actually a tenor sax sound?

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    Re: Alto Sax 2 sounds like a tenor sax

    Nope, it's an alto. You can tell that by the range of the instrument for one thing. We tried to give different choices in instrument brands, mouthpieces, reeds, and players. As with all saxophones (or other instruments for that matter) a single instrument type can have a wide variety of tone qualities. We just barely touched on the range of possibilities. An alto can sound as throaty and aggressive as Kenny Garrett or as mellow and smooth as Paul Desmond - the contrast can be substantial. If alto 2 isn't what you are looking for try one of the others.


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    Re: Alto Sax 2 sounds like a tenor sax

    If it's any consolation, from time to time even a pro sax player may have a difficult time in certain settings to tell immediately if the horn is an alto or tenor. I'm referring here to real players, not JABB, which I do not own.

    Maybe I should rephrase that and say I will admit to having to listen for more than a moment on occasion to tell which type of horn is being played...

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