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Topic: String Trio No. 1 in Fm

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    String Trio No. 1 in Fm

    I'd like to share this. Then again, I think it presumptuous of me given the amazing quality of the music I'm hearing from this community. Obviously, it still needs some work but I am just in love with these KS solo strings and couldn't keep my fingers from running away. Basically an imrov, starting with the cello line and working up. Some editing. Surely needs more. Guidance will be most welcome...although if I don't respond immediately it's because I may not be near a computer for the next three weeks. This GPO alternative reality is so, so deep!


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    Re: String Trio No. 1 in Fm

    Welcome to the forum, Clay.

    It takes a little time and practice to really get the
    hang of GPO (especially those lovely solo strings);
    but I hear some quite promising parts in this.

    Keep 'em coming!


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