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Topic: portamento

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    Hi all,
    Not really GPO question but I am using GPO for all instruments other than bass and I would love some advice please.
    Do any of you know how I would create a portamento or slide effect in Cubase SE? (using the VB-1 bass in Cubase). I am trying to get that up/down slide that a bass player would play at the end of a phrase.

    Many thanks,
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    Re: portamento

    I'm not familiar with the VB-1 bass so I don't know if it supports a glide feature, but it almost certainly supports pitchbend. You can use a keyboard Pitchwheel for this in real time or you can (more accurately) "draw" the data into your tracks in Cubase.

    If it does have a glide feature you will need to identify the MIDI controller that handles this function and either assign it to a hardware slider/knob or draw your data for that controller into your tracks.


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