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Topic: Server Outage

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    Server Outage

    Sorry NS community for the down time experienced today. Unfortunately it was a server side issue beyond our control. We have worked all day to resolve this problem. Thanks for your patience.

    Desound, Masimon

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    Re: Server Outage

    Congratulations on solving the problem. We all appreciate your efforts!

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    Re: Server Outage

    Good to be back. Thought the forum got hacked....

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    Re: Server Outage

    Indeed, thank you very much for the quick repair!

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    Re: Server Outage

    Yes yes yes . . . welcome back!!

    I'm glad that you came back so quickly (and thank you, in general, for running things so smoothly around here) . . .

    . . . I must admit, some "Datei Nicht Gefunden" messages are more upsetting than others.....
    — alanb




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    Re: Server Outage

    Yes... Why German ?

    You have a server for Europe ?

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    Re: Server Outage

    Quote Originally Posted by Crystal

    Yes... Why German ?
    It's related to the reason doctor's wear masks.

    Nice job on recovery! Glad to see things up and running again.

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