Hi Folks,

For the first time since I failed to set up a network last summer (the second box had a busted mobo), I am writing from the internet-side of a two computer setup (via remote desktop on my music-machine).

Hopefully these two machines will soon share in following:

GS3, Sonar 4 (current, on music box)
GS4 (??) or, more realistically, GVI, and Sonar 5.

All of the above, along with some hardware additions, will be spread out over the two machines, in what sort of permutation, I have no Idea as of yet.

My question is as follows:

Can anyone give me some fun, cheap ways to experiment with dual-system music making while waiting for the funds to add the above software? I have an old version of cakewalk that I can use to recieve midi on the secondary system, and other than that.....I guess you can start by recommending freeware samplers/standalone synths. I will be using a single midi cable for now, from my Audiophile 2496 to an edirol usb Midi Interface. A couple of particular questions to stir up your brains:

Windows brings audio from the remote machine to the host. That's good for now, since I don't want to screw with analog I/O. Is there any reason not to stick with this indefinitely, barring the fact that the remote machine is using onboard sound? If I stick a decent card in there, should I hardwire it to the host? Thoughts? I suppose you'll ask if I have MOL.....

Do I really need MOL? It's awful expensive for some virtual ports! If windows can fly audio over the network, isn't there some easy, dumb, legal way to get midi to do the same? Any new software contenders in this area?....

Is it possible to sync playback/recording (or just the starts thereof) over hardwire midi? I know how to sync sonar and giga (on the same machine) for wav. capture, but I'm not sure what protocol that arrangement uses?? MMC?? MTC????? In the dark on that one....

Brainstorms welcome.