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Topic: Can I do this??

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    Can I do this??

    I'm running Protools HD on a Dual 2 G5. I currently run Stormdrum, Colossus, Percussive Adventures,RA etc..as individual RTAS Kompakt instruments inside Protools. Some are more stable than others...This whole Kontakt, Kompakt thing is confusing so, let me get this straight....

    If I buy Kontakt 2, does this mean that I can bypass all the individual Kompakt players for each library, and simply run Kontakt and import the individual Stormdrum, Colossus, etc...patches Gigastudio style?? That would be great especially if Kontakt 2 is stable for me! What's the interface like? Thanks!

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    Re: Can I do this??


    Plus you get some fabulous fx, reverbs, delays and tons of other processing stuff to add new life and dimensions to your samples.

    And, don't forget you get a library in kontakt2 with lots of useable sounds.

    You can't beat it!!

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    Re: Can I do this??

    But keep in mind that it will eat more processing power the kompakt players because all those suberb fxes You can run

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    Re: Can I do this??

    For whatever reason, I can't run the Stormdrum Intakt loops in ProTools, but they work fine in Kontakt 2. I also got it so that I could play EXS instruments in ProTools, but I actually haven't done much of that.

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