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Topic: Symphony of Voices: Creating Instruments in K2

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    Symphony of Voices: Creating Instruments in K2

    I know SOV is an older collection (relatively speaking) and not configured specifically for K2...my question is, for a relative K2-newbie, how difficult is it to create a working 'instrument'? (as defined by K2). And how much help can I reasonably expect from Ilio and/or Spectrasonics in order to get this newbie up and running?


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    Wink Re: Symphony of Voices: Creating Instruments in K2

    I think your prospect of using Symphony of Voices in K2 the way you want are quite excellent. However, I think you'll need to lean a bit more on the guys using K2 who really know the program. I know that there is also a DVD Tutorial for K2.

    That's always the best way of getting up to speed it seems for me.

    And SOV is an outstanding Library regardless of the fact that others have since come to the fore.

    You might also try some of the Guys over on the K2 Forum. You might get some unique insights there too!

    Good Luck!

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