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Topic: Berimbau Samples

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    Berimbau Samples

    Hey everyone. I'm looking for a library that has some good Berimbau samples. Not just individual plucked notes, but also some phrase samples.

    I saw that QL Rare Instruments had it in its instrument list, but no one seemed to use it in the samples on ~~~~~~~~~~~~.com. Anyone have any idea how in depth the Berimbau is in the QA RI Library? Anyone have any suggestions on other libraries?

    Any help/guidence is appreciated. Thanks!


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    Re: Berimbau Samples

    RA has a lot of Berimbau samples, both original and chromatic versions, with various articulations, as well as a lot of FX sounds. There are also some FX phrases. In my opinion, it's very versatile, so you can produce / play sequences that come very close to the real thing (I have one).

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