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Topic: "A New Enigma" chamber piece

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    "A New Enigma" chamber piece

    Hi everyone! I haven't posted anything new for nearly a year it seems, so I thought it was about I time I did. This is a chamber piece (really a piano quartet) which I just recently finished and is dedicated to my wife on our 5th anniversary a week ago.

    "A New Enigma"
    for Piano, Clarinet, Horn and Cello

    I've posted the MP3 on my SoundClick page:

    It was recorded using GPO of course. I really love how the clarinet came out personally.

    Naturally, comments are welcome!

    "You know, Lois, I'm really not comfortable talking about this amelodically." - Brian the Dog

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    Re: "A New Enigma" chamber piece

    Very nice Writing!

    I really enjoyed this. There's nice piano work, especially around 4:30.

    Very well done!


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    Re: "A New Enigma" chamber piece

    That's a beautiful piece of music! I really like it. Very entertaining.

    Your changes of pace throughout the work are nice. You put a lot of work into this and it paid off.

    Thanks for sharing this with us.

    My best,

    Larry A.
    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: "A New Enigma" chamber piece

    A very beautiful piece, Schroeder; and surely a lovely
    gift for your wife -- congratulations on your anniversary.

    It's great to hear you back with such a fine composition;
    very well built, a pleasure to the ear throughout, and
    some ingenious and really fascinating writing, especially
    the inner sections. This is chamber music at its very
    best... unreservedly:


    I've listened to this twice with much appreciation,
    Schroeder -- I do hope you won't wait another year
    before bringing us more work like this!

    My best,


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