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Topic: anyone using Gigastudio with an Intel Pentium D

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    anyone using Gigastudio with an Intel Pentium D

    I anyone using Gigastudio 3 Orchestra with an Intel Pentium D? I'm looking into a new Desktop and am finding these are more common on the market than an amd. The Tascam site doesn't list this info so I'm curious as to anyones opinion on these computers.


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    Re: anyone using Gigastudio with an Intel Pentium D

    Quote Originally Posted by therockstar30
    I anyone using Gigastudio 3 Orchestra with an Intel Pentium D?
    In my personal experience, GS3 can work just fine on a Pentium D, provided that you first update the software to the latest version (3.12), which is available for download from the TASCAM web site.

    As with other processors, Giga works fine on some individual systems, and shakily on others. There are many factors involved (Windows tweaking, memory configuration, etc.), all of which are dealt with in various threads here...
    — alanb




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    Re: anyone using Gigastudio with an Intel Pentium D

    Thanks for the info Alan

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    Re: anyone using Gigastudio with an Intel Pentium D

    GS Orchestra w/ 3.12 works on the E6700/DP965LT combo. But the app. is still flawed in many areas. GVI is my answer if it works. Gigapulse instances on the new Intel CPU's is drastically higher. This was the only area of benefit that I noticed. I only use resonant body impulses, as I still use my external Reverbs,Ursa Major,Lexicon, and Line 6 Echo Pro. The resonant body impulses are great on pedal up downs, and acoustic instrument samples. I had 8 instances up and running. I believe this is due to the 4MB level 1 cache on chip, and a better designed CPU. This was all w/o running a VST host, which I am adding this week. Then I will see the 2 cores in action, as I will be beta testing a new VSTi, and using Bidule, with EnergyXT. This is a live performance DAW which must above all be stable, like the Creamware DAW that I use 4 GS3 Orchestra is. GS3 was very stable live, but several features do not work as advertised. Therein lies my dissappointment with Tascam. My favorite Bluer Tubes VST chorus was substituted for a Creamware plug which actually sounds better when using Softclip, another CW plug which rounds off the signals like a tube warmer. If GVI works as advertised, I will be a happy camper. 4 This box was built as a GVI/SFP DAW. Hopefully this dog will hunt.

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    Re: anyone using Gigastudio with an Intel Pentium D

    I have just installed a new computer with Pentium D930 and apart from two crashes caused by VST plug-ins (all solved now) my GigaStudio 3 Ensemble seems to be running well. I also tried to run it in Rewire mode as a slave to Cubase SX 2 - also no problems.
    Just for a record: MB ASUS P5P 800 SE with Pentium D930, GC: Sapphire Radeon 9600, SC: M-Audio Audiophile 24/96, Windows XP SP2.

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    Re: anyone using Gigastudio with an Intel Pentium D

    I'm using a Pentium D 955XBK (dual 2.8) 2 gigs of RAM, 200g sys drive, 250g aud drv, 200g sample drv. and running Giga 3.12. I had to do several things including unchecking monitor file activity, change the reset options that were checked. I had to delete a couple of old waves vst shells that seemed to cause blue screens. Also ran the plugin configurator and checked the "block un-supported plug-ins" box. I had to convert all old giga files to version 3, as well as get rid of a bunch of old .wav files on my sample drive (or atleast have the Data base ignore those folders). And I was trying to load a performance that I started in Giga when my sounds were on a different hard drive (ext, instead of internal, I had moved them over). It would look as if it loaded fine, but as soon has you hit the keyboard.... BLUE SCREEN ew.sys error IRQ not less or equal... bla bla bla.

    I had to rebuild the data base (which was corrupt) and rebuild that performance for that song. Haven't had much trouble since, exept a "sys error unable to load performance... continue loading", but that was resolved by downloading the Giga memory optimizer download and trying different settings.

    Also had to go with preset 2 in the troubleshooting, memory configuration, before It worked well.

    Also my ATI Radeon X300 graphics card drivers didn't like Giga and Sonar until I downloaded the Catylist 5.5. It didn't like 6.7 5.13 5.12 5.10 etc. etc.

    Funny thing once I got Giga straightened out, my sys drive had an error on it. I ran diskcheck/f and came back the next morning to find a blue screen hard drive error. No OS. Had to get a new sys drive and re-install. You really gotta love set-backs. They make the journey more interesting. Upon re-install, I started reading more about RAID and now I'm considering setting it all back up in RAID storage mode.

    Other than those first little road bumps it's been working great ever since.
    I'm sure I'll find another wrench to throw at it.

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    Re: anyone using Gigastudio with an Intel Pentium D

    I use GS3 Orch. w/ 3 x 15 DSP cards from Creamware, and it is a powerhouse now with the new Conroe CPU. I settled 4 the DP965LT/E6700 combo. Haven't had one hiccup. Your set up is good to go 4 an upgrade if you need be later with the BadAxe mobo. The only advantage with the Conroe is if you are using multiple instances of Gigapulse, or native reverbs IMHO. The 4MB of level 2 cache has no effect on Gigas polyphony, but I can run many more instances of GP than before. It runs at 2.4GHz, and I get almost twice the instances of GP than I did on my 3.4GHz EE. But I use external Lexicons and prefer hardware FX for delays, and reverbs anyway.
    I play 2 or 3 gigs a day and must have a stable portable rig, well that's how I make a living afterall. But I would advise you to buy a RAID cage like the 3ware 4 in 3 solution. It takes up 3 spaces om my rackmounted DAW's, and is hot swapable. I only use the RAID function when duplicating drives, and then disconnect it when playing live. It's a cinch. Live RAID is unnescessary and if you have a drive failure, you still will suffer from an audio loss. It is not a seamless operation as people think. Unless you have a RAID 5, or 3 configuration. RIAD 3 will rebuild on the fly, where as RAID 5 has downtime during the rebuilding process. But I just carry 2 copies of each HDD, and have them loaded in the drive bays. I have never had a failure with my Raptors, but if I do, I just swap out the drive that's in question, while I can continue playing on my hardware synth if need be. Hasn't happened yet, but I have no fear as long as I don't burn up a CPU or something.


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    Re: anyone using Gigastudio with an Intel Pentium D

    Very cool, I do 650 shows/yr myself so I relate, though I use Roland hardware for that stuff. (expanded Fantom mainly) At home I have duplicate plus quite a bit more. I can set up my show patches or seqs at home then take the ole pc card which is handy considering I prefer to ride bicycle to gigs. For producing and writing I use combinations of all my modules and more and more giga as those libraries are building up nicely. I just expanded to orch yesterday and am really enjoying the giga pulse pro. I love the impluses, although the latency they add to say giga piano II and larry seyer drums is just enough to bother me at hi speed licks particularly. Like I said I just got giga pulse pro w/orch. upgrade and haven't done an official multi-track latency test to see if it's any better. I did bypass a TI firewire card and shaved off a couple of ms. And for piano or drum programing I can bypass the gigapulse and use EQ, comp, and verb (to make up for the lack of impulse till the works done then add the impulse back) and at that point giga latency is almost as good as the Roland. I'm still trying to figure out if it's my firewire audio card (M-Audio firewire 1814) that's adding that little bit of annoying latency. Granted it's not enough to bother anyone else but me, but I'm who counts.

    Thanks for your helpful insights and links.


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