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Topic: Octet for Winds

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    Octet for Winds

    Ok, here is a piece I wrote for my master's in music composition. It was performed by a live group, but now I have realized it using Finale 2006 with GPO. It is based on a series of tone clusters as the main idea. This comes from my" What's a melody" period of writing. It was written for:

    2 Oboes, 2 Clarinets, 2 Trumpets and 2 Trombones plus percussion. At the time I was studying Penderecki and George Crumb.

    Octet for Winds

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    Re: Octet for Winds

    Interesting piece! Very well managed use of
    tone clusters, rhythmic handling, and sonorities.

    The trick with this kind of writing, I think, is
    maintaining continuity, interest, and sense
    -- all of which you've achieved while still
    keeping the material comprehensible and dramatic.

    Fine job! And beyond the technical jabber, I
    must say I like the piece!


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    Re: Octet for Winds

    I'm glad you liked it, David, the audience at my recital liked it also. It was written in 1976! Makes me feel old. There are more movements (2). I am finding it difficult to realize some of my own alleatoric techniques to performance application; but I must say it is an intereting project to get a computer to play sonorous atmospheres that were intended to be realized spontaneously at the performance.

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    Re: Octet for Winds


    I really would like to get a few listeners to this and some feedback.

    I know - its wrayer - the unknown - give it a listen - guaranteed you laugh or cry - it's strange

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