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Topic: Stacked instruments and DSP

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    Stacked instruments and DSP

    Just thought I would run this past you guys, in case I am up the wrong tree.
    My drum kit gig file is the only one I use, however I want to EQ some of the drums separately. For instance the snare..... make a new gig file with only the snares, and stack that on the same midi channel, then open the DSP input, and EQ at that point, with completely separate effects. then add the file to the drum group
    Is there a better way to EQ specific instruments within a gig file that remains permanent when saved? ...... and what else have I missed ??
    thanks for any comment in advance

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    Re: Stacked instruments and DSP

    You are using only one midi chanel. Why? It would be easier to get what you want if you (instead stacking) put them on a separate midi chanel on the mixing page, assign this to a different input chanel ( say 3-4) than you can set you equalizer separately on the DSP and it will be saved with your performance file. When you stack two instruments, the members of that stacked instrument can be changed only through the editor.
    Hope this makes sense?


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    Re: Stacked instruments and DSP

    IN GS3, there is no need to use separate midi channels, stack the drums on a single channel. You can assign all the parts to different dsp channles and Eq and effect them separate
    i.e kick outs 1&2 snare 3&4 Toms 5&6 cymbals 7&8 Hat 9&10

    try it

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    Re: Stacked instruments and DSP

    Thanks guys,
    Because of the way I have set up my sequences, and the DOS sequencer I use, the majority of the main instruments are on dedicated midi channels, including drums, and so for Teds idea, I don't have the luxury of anything spare ..... My only choice is to go with peters suggestion and stack, and just make it work. I will update this thread with the results, good or bad ...
    Thanks again to you both

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    Re: Stacked instruments and DSP

    Got everything working, and now have dsp eq running where needed with the drum kit, and it works a treat...
    thanks so much for the help

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    Re: Stacked instruments and DSP

    Peter McC:

    Thanks a lot too! I never looked at the right side of the stacked members to see that you can asign them to different DSP inputs. Daaaa.
    Thanks, it is worthwhile to listen and learn.


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