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Topic: Using JABB with Sonar 5

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    Using JABB with Sonar 5

    I have got some tracks that I wrote that play fine with garritan studio, but when the same track is played as a virtual synth, it drops notes and makes things stacatto. It seems like using garritan studio is better than soft synth in Sonar, but I can't record to wav for mixing.

    I am using a tascam fw-1884 with 256ms latency.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: Using JABB with Sonar 5

    I use JABB with Sonar 5 without any problems. Try raising your soundcard latency. Also, try disabling DFD. Please list your system configuration which will help with troubleshooting.

    Always uncheck the Fast Bounce option and use slow bounce when bouncing tracks. It takes longer but I have never had any problems bouncing to a wav file.


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    Re: Using JABB with Sonar 5

    I don't think it is a hardware issue because if I use garritan studio, I get perfect sound and latency as expected. As soon as I use a soft synth the problems start, latency is terrible and it misses shorter notes.

    I am using a p4 3.0, 2 gigs. FW-1884 for sound. Giga works fine as well as stand alone garritan.

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    Re: Using JABB with Sonar 5

    Go to the JABB player's Options menu and make sure that DFD streaming is turned off.


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    Re: Using JABB with Sonar 5

    JABB does seem more demanding than GPO for each instrument, but I use it quite effectively in Sonar 5 PE. If you don't already have at least a gig of memory, I suggest upgrading right away for best performance.

    I actually have found some problems with GPO and JABB with latencies as high as you are using. They work much better at latencies lower than 80ms, if you can it there. I actually recommend setting it lower than 40ms if at all possible. It's better to use Sonar's freeze function on completed tracks to regain CPU and memory then to use such a high latency, in my opinion, since the buffer time seems to confuse at least the legato mode, and probably more in Sonar.
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    Re: Using JABB with Sonar 5

    You can use Garritan Studio and still record the wave data. Just enable record on a track in Sonar or other recording software and playback the midi track through Garritan while the audio track records. Also, you should be able to lower your latency tremendously in your asio driver settings.

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