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Topic: GigaPulse only coming out left channel

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    GigaPulse only coming out left channel

    Just starting to work with GigaPulse and having a problem. I only get the reverb return from the left side. I've loaded different size halls as well as rooms and other presets, it is always the same. The only way I seem to be able to get right side going is by clicking on the button labeled "MSDEC" next to the word Both on the Aux Buss page. When I took the tour, that button was not selected. I definitely have 2 sides, the left being yellow and the right being blue. I am sending the aux a mono feed from all my tracks but I assumed that this reverb would come up in stereo. The original sound (violin) is spread perfectly across the stereo field. Any ideas? What am I doing wrong, if anything? Thanks.

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    Re: GigaPulse only coming out left channel

    It's me again.
    Could you describe if you set Medium Hall, how your Placement selection looks like,which mic group is on, and what position is selected L & R.

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