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Topic: Play multiple instruments with one MIDI channel

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    Play multiple instruments with one MIDI channel

    I am trying to have GigaStudio play 4 or 5 instruments from one MIDI channel. I select channels 2 through 6 on the little MIDI keyboard pane at the bottom right and they trun dark green. When I play channel 1 the other channels act as if they are reciving information. They turn red and seem to be doing what they are supposed to be doing, but nothing plays except channel 1. Is there some step I'm missing in setting this up? Thanks.

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    Re: Play multiple instruments with one MIDI channel

    When you are selecting ports as you describe it, you are LINKING the ports, they are receiving the same midi signal. If you place different instruments on the selected ports, and made sure in your sequencer that you put those instruments on separate chanels and assign to them the proper ports, you should hear the same notes played by different instruments. It would be helpful for you to read that portion of the manual.


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    Re: Play multiple instruments with one MIDI channel

    I am using an Digital Performer on my Mac to trigger the notes. I have 6 instruments set up inside GigaStudio. I can trigger them individually, meaning that I can send a note via channel 2 and hear the instrument on channel 2 and the same with 3 through 6. I want to combine thses sounds and trigger them all with a single MIDI channel. It seems that is what I am doing but only Channel 1 sounds. Is there some other step necessary? Also, speaking of the manual, is it a download or is it a hard copy? I purchased GigaStudio 3 as an upgrade from version 2 and I don't remeber getting a manual.


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    Re: Play multiple instruments with one MIDI channel

    The problem is that you set up 6 instruments in GS, and actually activating only one instrument from your sequencer. I do not own digital performer, so I do not know how it should be set up, but in my case, using Cakewalk, in order to do what you wish to do, I have to set up 6 chanels in CW, so I can tell GS: Play this note on Port one, Chanel1, then Play this OTHER note on Port 2 chanel one, and so on. Otherwise, right now GS only sees one thing to play, and that same one instrument sound is comming through all the ports you linked.
    If you stack all 6 instrument on one chanel, one port, undo the linking of the ports and set up your sequencer to use Stacked instrument 0 on chanel one, port one, you should hear the note played by the "combination" of the 6 instruments. If that is what you wish to do, this is possible. All the same notes will be played by all the 6 instruments. The balance of these instrument can be adjusted in GS mixing page Volume sliders on the stacked up instruments.
    I have GS orchestra, got mine also as an upgrade in the wooden box, with the manual included in the same box.

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