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Topic: Apple dismantling forum staff

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    Apple dismantling forum staff

    Apple Insider reports:
    "Apple Computer has decided to do away with its discussion support team, a group of forum hosts that have monitored and moderated its user discussion boards, a new report has confirmed.

    According to an article at The Mac Observer, the team was recently dismantled after Apple management began to question the value of the boards.

    "The end result, however, has been a marked decrease in the quality of discussions, and an increase in everything from rudeness to instructions on pirating music and software," the report states."
    Perhaps Apple has never visited our forum to see what a wonderful thing a forum can become.

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    Re: Apple dismantling forum staff

    There was a time when I spent a lot of hours on the Apple GarageBand and iTunes forums. I haven't looked in on them in the last four or five months.

    The "forum staff" was never visible and never made posts. About the only thing that would happen would be frozen topics and people punted for discussing using P2P networks and pirated MP3s with iTunes.

    They have some worthwhile communities formed over their forums. The difference is that most of their topics have more users than Northern Sound Source--by a couple of orders of magnitude.

    Thanks for this post. I'm going to head back over to the Apple forums and see what's going on.

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    Re: Apple dismantling forum staff

    Let me see ... we don't need this, hmm ... don't need that. Oh, what's this! How did this get in here?

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    Re: Apple dismantling forum staff

    That is really sad news. I enjoyed the Logic forum, not as much as this one, but I still learned quite a bit about my Logic problems from that forum. Sad news.



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    Re: Apple dismantling forum staff

    Quote Originally Posted by Garritan
    Apple Computer has decided to do away with its discussion support team
    That's a shame. Such huge forums have a meaning only if moderated, and with a very active moderator. I found them useful in many ways (even if I prefer indipendent forums, where in general you find less beginners and more experts). Once unmoderated, they will be open to figths and wrong information.

    Oh, well, back to the old, trusty resources...


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    Re: Apple dismantling forum staff

    I'm sure the boards are still monitored just not moderated by Apple employees. They have just gone back to user volunteers with experience ratings answering users questions which was working fine before.

    They switched to Apple personal on the boards not that long ago so this story from The Mac Observer is a bit misleading. I still log in with an experience rating of three out of a possible five.


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