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Topic: Music Box Samplers

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    Music Box Samplers

    Hello people, I'm new here. I'm a brazilian Jazz/Fusion Guitar Player(and teacher too). I compose some Movie Score like music. I need a good sampler for "Music Box". Hope you can help me.

    Thank you, best regards.

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    Re: Music Box Samplers

    I dont know the link... But Bela D Media have released a fantastic free music box. Really nice sound.

    Try go to their website and find it. I think its www.beladmedia.com

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    Re: Music Box Samplers

    Take a look: http://northernsounds.com/forum/show...ghlight=gothic (On page two there's the updated download link.) BTW: I like the Bela D Gothic Box as I mentioned before.

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    Re: Music Box Samplers

    And here:
    ..from the fab Bolder Sounds.

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    Re: Music Box Samplers

    I love the gothic music box. It has a magical sound. The last year I made this song based in the music box and Diva:

    Eduardo Tarilonte |Sample Library Developer
    SampleLibraries |MyWeb

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    Re: Music Box Samplers

    Thanks Argitoth!! Yes I love the strums with the music box. Now that you say this...I don't know why I have not added someone more... You are right, in that way music box is very similar to a harp and the sound is magical as well.

    The next time that I use the music box I will add more strums

    Eduardo Tarilonte |Sample Library Developer
    SampleLibraries |MyWeb

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