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Topic: Which card should i buy for my 2 pc

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    Unhappy Which card should i buy for my 2 pc

    hi guys

    my 1st pc

    Amd processor ,2 gb ram , and motu 828 sound card,mtpav

    i use lot of vst plugins and to use multiple plugins at a time it difficult along with the video so planning to to connect it to 2 pc so i can use that for layering the sounds so somebody told me buy maudio 2496 card that is sufficient for your 2nd pc.

    latter on i might plan to buy giga studio if budget permits and dedicate the 2 comp to giga.

    so guys any idea what should i do ,is it woth it or should i go for some other card

    is 2496 compatible with motu 828 and vsts
    i use nuendo as my software

    and as they say it has2496 has 4 in 4 out i m bit confused how ? becoz there only 2 in 2 out and other one is a spdif . so how four?

    some body could explain me how?

    Thanks in advance

    guys help

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    Re: Which card should i buy for my 2 pc

    They count the spdif as 2 in and 2 out.

    The 2496 works well with giga studio 2.5

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