Been lusting for a FF800 a long time but since I have a Tascam FW1884 I'm pretty happy with... But then last week I saw the cute little FF400 and I couldn't help myself. I figured I could use it with my laptop. Now that I've got it, all I can say is "Wow!"

For gs3's gigapulse, the internal matrix patchbay is great. Can now route any output into any gigapulse input without patch cords or media converters.

The other cool thing I like about the ff400 is how you can use the internal mixer/patchbay to set up mid/side processing. My big problem with mid/side recording is I prefer to lay the tracks down raw but I like to monitor them decoded. Which is hard to do with the circuits built into the few preamps which support m/s. But with the ff400 its a piece of cake. If I had a ff800 with its 4 mic preamps, I could even set up tripple omni mid/side which I've never seen in any other preamp or stand-alone decoder... just may have to get a ff800 after all.

192K here I come! Well, maybe 176.4.