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Topic: GPOA Hypthetically Speaking...Could Be on Christmas Album?

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    GPOA Hypthetically Speaking...Could Be on Christmas Album?

    Ok, I know people continually asking about when a new version of a product will come out can get obnoxious. So I'll only ask once.

    Is it out of the realm of possibility that GPOA will be out in time for us to use it for the Christmas album? I am doing Once In Royal Davids City and from what I've gathered about the new version it could really enhance the piece.

    Gary, if this is obnixious feel free to box my ears someday when we meet.

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    Re: GPOA Hypthetically Speaking...Could Be on Christmas Album?


    My guess would be no. The Marching Band library is on the Garritan website with a "coming soon". There's no banner yet for GPOA in this regard. You can already pre-order the marching band and the general midi collection from MakeMusic. So I'd guess that you'll see both of these debut before GPOA.

    Just my observations, I could be wrong.


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