OK.. currently, I use GigaPulse..not the VST, but the one built into GigaStudio 3. And 95% of my samples are Giga samples, so whether I'm just screwing around playing stuff, or dumping to final audio, the reverb is always there, and always the same, period.

My question is.. (I use Sonar, btw) if I switch to a VST based reverb, such as Altiverb or GigaPulse VST.. is there any way to rig my Giga samples so that while I'm playing live on my keyboard, I'm getting the reverb still? With VST/DXi sample libs, those have an audio track so I can just pipe that into a bus like Bus A, then slap the reverb on Bus A, and get live reverb. But what about for Giga samples?