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Topic: Sampler Talking

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    Best Sample Library?

    Hi people, I'm not an advanced user of samplers. So I'd like some clarification about what are the best samplers. I'll put a list below, these are the samplers I know...feel free to add or coment about others.

    - Garritan Personal Orchestra (which I own)
    - Vienna Symphonic Library
    - Miroslav Philharmonik
    - East West Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra
    - Peter Siedlaczek's Advanced Orchestra
    - Gigastudio Orchestra
    - Edirol Orchestral
    - Synful Orchestra

    What's the best in your opinio among these?
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    Re: Sampler Talking

    OK, these differences I didn't know, thank you for telling me. For me the difference beetwen a Sampler and a Sample is just the letter "R"..LOL. I should ahev asked for Orchestral Libraries, and not for Samplers.

    Well I want to do Symphonical Music...Orchestral Music. Mainly film and Tv soundtracks.

    Thanks you again...

    Best regards...

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