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Topic: GPO Percussion Will Not Playback

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    GPO Percussion Will Not Playback

    Hello Everyone!

    It seems I have a bit of a problem. I've never used GPO's percussion before (outside of the timpani), and I have finally written a piece in which it was a necessity. Today I went to load up all my instruments, and they all worked. All except for the Snare/Basic Orchestral Percussion. In Finale, under my Instrument List, I have my channel for percussion listed as Channel 10. Now, when I was having my playback errors for the entire 2nd studio a few weeks back, I was told that GPO will not play any instruments listed between 9-16... OK, got that. SO when I changed the channel of the Basic Orchestra Percussion to Channel 18, it STILL wouldn't work... Does anybody know why this is? Even when I am not using GPO my computer will not play any percussion sounds unless they are listed under Channel 10... so what am I supposed to do? Has anyone had similar problems? How did you fix it?


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    Re: GPO Percussion Will Not Playback

    in Finale, you can choose to hear your music played by either the SoftSynth or through GPO.

    the SoftSynth is a GM instrument, so percussion MUST be on channel 10

    GPO, on the other hand, has no such limitation.

    however, you can go to the kontact player,

    MIDI-> Native Instruments VST setup (or AU setup if you are on a MAC)

    and right next to the "load" button, there should be the instrument name for your percussion sample.
    just below the name will be written "CPU usage", and just below that, in the same black square, you will find a little circle that looks like a MIDI plug with a number to the right of it. Click on the number and a channel list will appear, you can force the Kontact player to recognize channel 10 if you so wish.

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    Re: GPO Percussion Will Not Playback

    Thanks, qccowboy! Thats what is was! I didn't know you could force Kontact to recognize channels. Thats good to know!

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