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Topic: Softwarefor video/audio tracking

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    Softwarefor video/audio tracking

    I know that this is a game forum but i beliave it follows similar if not exact guidelines toward synchronizing sound with the picture.

    So what are good software out there that allows instantenious real time preview of the finished work. I just heard that new sibleius is coming out and that it supports video. What do you personally recomend, with understanding of not giving out hardly gain tricks and tips, because those are your sleeve aces?

    Also is there any website that gives you clips with just voices and some foley works, but without music so that we could practise?

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    Re: Softwarefor video/audio tracking


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    Re: Softwarefor video/audio tracking

    I use my trusty old Cubase SL3 for video work - but I hear Vegas is pretty good with it's video integration.

    As for clips, try looking for some indy flick trailers on apple.com and dubbing your own sfx to practice sync'ing stuff up - alternatively you can stretch your artistic muscle on something like ifilm or cg webistes (cgchat/cgsociety) and apply for some sound designer/music jobs on people's portfolios, it's what I do all the time - good fun too. Finally, certain game studios release stripped in-game footage for audio people to dub their audio onto - EA Chicago did this Fight Night 3, and i'm sure other studios do this too.

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    Re: Softwarefor video/audio tracking

    There are many many programs that sync audio to video. The one's I've used the most are:

    Pro Tools

    They all support video in one version or another, and they're all pretty expensive.

    These apps are not designed for video editing and most of them tend to bog down perfomance-wise once you start adding really big video files. In my experience, Pro Tools and Vegas have the best performance while Vegas is also the easiest to use.

    They're all expensive too.

    I know that there is a website that offers downloadable royalty-free videos from the public domain, but I couldn't find it through Google. I did however find this website, which APPEARS to offer free downloads of old movies from the public domain:
    Michael Peter

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