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Topic: Strad not working properly

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    Strad not working properly

    Something strange has started happening when i open the Strad in K2.1. The portamento feature has stopped working AND when i hit the same note twice, the second one doesnt sound. Anyone know what's going on? ive tried re-installing, it worked fine ONCE, then later same problem arose. ive now reinstalled about 8 times and it just wont work. Also on loading it keeps saying samples are missing and i have to direct K2 to them.

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    Re: Strad not working properly

    Did you rebuild the database?


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    Re: Strad not working properly

    Here's my answer to a similar problem in another thread
    Here's the link to the original thread

    -------------Answer to original thread----------------------

    Do you have the latest updates Strad file see here at

    That corrected some problems with the original Strad where kontakt could not load a few of the sample files. (As I recall two samples had incorrect internal names.
    See here for original problem
    Topic: PROBLEM: Loading Stradivari samples into Kontakt2

    See this for any problems with keyswitches not being visable
    Topic: Strad help - where's my keyswitches?

    Once version 107 is loaded-if Kontakt load it correctly you're home free

    if you have to manually find a few of the samples, once you do get it loaded properly onto kontakt, Save using a different file name like "strad v107 fixed.nki" into the sane location as the original .nki file (Save just the .nki file not the samples)


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    Re: Strad not working properly

    Thank you all, ive discovered what the problem is. My keyboard was sending out some strange messages, ive fixed it now. Doh! Much appreciate the help.

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