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Topic: Creating that old jazz sound

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    Creating that old jazz sound

    I've been briefed to do an instrumental version of Happy Talk as sung by Ella Fitzgerald for Monday and need to 'recreate that old jazz sound'.

    Anyone suggest how I might go about that? I have at my disposal the following gig instruments: double bass, clinton piano, a few shabby trumpet .gigs and some violins.

    I was thinking of messing with some gigapulses and a dusty record sample...


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    Re: Creating that old jazz sound

    If you've got the budget, pick up a copy of the Garritan Jand Big Band. It uses the Kontakt Player for a platform (VST) so it should work with your sequencer. THe library contains all the rhythm instruments (including brush drum kits) as well as several trumpets, including cup and harmon mutes, all the saxes (including some esoteric ones), plus, flute, clarinet, etc. It should be a one stop shop for your project.
    Paul Baker
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    Re: Creating that old jazz sound

    Thanks for replying so quick, I'll check it out, sounds like a good solution.

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    Re: Creating that old jazz sound

    The library thing has been said, so may I suggest Izotope Vinyl for the old record effect. It's VST/Dxi, available at their website as a free download (at least it was, prob'ly still is....)

    Here's a bit of a tune.
    Here's the same bit with a particular settting in Vinyl.

    Hope it helps,


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    Re: Creating that old jazz sound

    I had to do this with a track I was producing for a show - a version of the standard "You'll Never Know" - to give it a 1930's record sound. It actually had to start off clean at the beginning and then quickly go to old-style. I used the Grungelizer effect, which comes with Cubase SL/SX. Not sure if it's available elsewhere, but it's very easy to use, and produces very effective results. I can send you an MP3 if you would like to hear the result.

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    Re: Creating that old jazz sound

    Mono y Mono ...at least the piano anyway.

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