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Topic: KHSO Emerald/Kontakt 2 Irritating Little Problem

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    KHSO Emerald/Kontakt 2 Irritating Little Problem

    Some of the instrument names are very long, too long in fact to fully display in the space alotted by K2.

    Also some instruments are distinguished only by the last 3 or 4 characters in the name. The end result is sometimes I just can't tell which instrument is loaded.

    I tried deleting the first few characters in the name so that I can see the ending but this doesn't work with banks. Has anybody found a work around for this irritating little problem? Can a smaller font be substituted possibly?

    Kirk, perhaps instruments could be named with the redundant info at the end, for example "velVol_modLegLive_AVib_K_1stVns". Thanks.

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    Re: KHSO Emerald/Kontakt 2 Irritating Little Problem

    Has anybody else encountered this? Any ideas on how to make the full instrument name display?

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    Re: KHSO Emerald/Kontakt 2 Irritating Little Problem

    double click on the instrument in the bank slot you want to view and when it appears in edit mode, you will be able to place the cursor and either scroll with the arrow keys to read the full name or edit it, just as you can do with single patches. I agree the KH names are a tad long but they do follow a fairly logical naming convention and i can see the advantages of this as well.

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