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Topic: Trumpet Rhapsody (Last Time! Really!)

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    Trumpet Rhapsody (Last Time! Really!)

    Well, here it is again, for the last time. I think I have found the method I should have been using. Now I am squeezed into it, because the other methods fail .. probably since my last Sonar upgrade. This time, I have drawn in the CC#1 data, with much better results. Comments?

    Trumpet Rhapsody


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    Re: Trumpet Rhapsody (Last Time! Really!)

    To me, the trumpet certainly seems to breathe,
    phrase, sing, and flow much more naturally, Richard.
    Seems like the piano is much happier as well;
    though that might also be largely due to the more
    expressive trumpet work. Especially in works like
    this one, the nuances make a great deal of difference
    in bringing out the musical thinking; and going the
    extra mile is well worth the effort.

    My best,


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