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Topic: Mac (host) and PC's (slaves)

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    Mac (host) and PC's (slaves)

    Im running g5 and logic 7 and would like to throw some of my instruments and run them on pc's and slave them to my mac. how would i go about doing this? thanks.

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    Re: Mac (host) and PC's (slaves)


    I do this with MIDIOverLAN from musiclab. You set up CoreMIDI "modules" that correspond to the channels that the PCs will be receiving.

    There are different ways to get the audio back to your mix. Audio cards with ADAT out (like RME) back to a digital mixer or into a MOTU 2408 would be ideal.

    Have fun! Going outboard with some of my sample libs was a very good move.

    Damon Sink
    G5 Dual 2 GHz, P4 3.8GHz, Logic Pro 7, Digital Performer, EWQLSO Platinum Pro XP, VSL, Kontakt2, Finale

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    Re: Mac (host) and PC's (slaves)

    I've done this for years. I use MOTU 4-channel midi interface with Giga audio I/O for one VST player PC, Uniwire or straing audio-to-mixer for my Receptor VST player and a layla 24 for my Giga box, with ADAT 8-channels out to my mixer (still using a Mackie d8b because it has enough inputs for my synths and VSY players.) I have midiOverLAN and also will use it when appropriate. Generally it all works great.
    It's all about the music - really. I keep telling myself that...

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    Re: Mac (host) and PC's (slaves)

    anyone doing this running Logic? whats your setup?

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    Re: Mac (host) and PC's (slaves)

    Hi Lee,
    I am doing the same thing, but on a more simple setup. I use Digital Performer 5.1 on a G5 with a Motu Traveler audio interface. On just one Windows PC, I use V-STack for a varitey of Garritan libraries, Spectrasonics Trilogy and Atmosphere. This same Windows PC also runs GS3 and Kontakt 2. The PC has a wonderful RME HDSP 9652 soundcard.

    I am in need of more midi tracks going from the Mac (Motu midi Express XT 4 in 6 out) to the RME, but I am maxed out with only two midi inputs on the RME card. Do you know if I am able to use another midi interface along with the RME simultaneously? If so, what midi interface do you suggest?


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    Re: Mac (host) and PC's (slaves)

    The slave via ethernet function is built in to OSX, so you'd save money there.
    Lee, you don't have *audio* running over ethernet to a Mac, do you?

    This is one of the holy grails, and so far I haven't managed to get any of them working in any usable way. AUNetsend/Receive has bad latency.

    Things change quickly, though, so I figured I'd jump on this...

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    Re: Mac (host) and PC's (slaves)

    Dear locash,

    I recently switched from a setup with 1 PC and 1 Mac (using Logic) to a setup with 1 Mac and 4 PCs. I'll describe them both - they are pretty rocksolid.

    Setup 1
    At this point I was using Gigastudio on the PC, which had an HDSP9652 card with 3 optical (toslink) outputs, connected to a Digidesign 192 I/O and a 192 I/O digital. Although this setup did not host VSTs, it would be a case of replacing Gigastudio with a host.

    MIDI was arranged by a MIDIMAN 4x MIDI interface, which was connected by USB to the PC, and by 4 MIDI cables to the MIDI interface (a Digi MIDI I/O), to which Logic was also connected (via USB). MIDI notes were played from Logic by connecting via the environment to the relevant MIDI port on the MIDI I/O.

    Setup 2
    Significant simplified now. I use MusicLab MIDIOverLan 3 Platinum, to connect the Mac and the 4 PCs. They are physically connected through an 8-port Gigabit switch (there are Gigabit NICs in all 4 PCs and the Mac). MIDI therefore just talks over the LAN.

    Each PC has an HDSP9652 in it, each with 3 optical (TOSLink) outputs. I do not need all 96 audio tracks, so I connect between 1 and all 3 outputs to one or the other of my 192 I/O and 3 192 I/O Digitals. Audiowise, it is the same as before from Logic's perspective.

    All of this is synced using a Sync I/O as the master clock, with the 192's and HDSP9652 cards all slaving to it (9652s are daisy-chained).

    Hope this is of some use - basically, it all works and is pretty solid. MIDIOverLan is a masterly piece of software - saved me buying a whole bunch of MIDI interfaces, and very reliable. The current version runs on both Mac and PC and allows them to talk to each other.

    Kind Regards,


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    Re: Mac (host) and PC's (slaves)

    Nah. Freezing is great, but it's not a solution for doing everything on one machine in my opinion. 64-bit memory access is going to help, but even then I don't see it stopping the madness.

    Just out of interest, why not just distribute clock instead of using SRC? You won't have clicks that way either, of course.

    And that is a good point about Intel Macs. I don't know whether anyone has tried AUNetsend/Receive on them yet.

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    Re: Mac (host) and PC's (slaves)

    Does the PC slave solution good because of the processing power it gives or because of the ram or because of the hard drive bandwidth? or is it all of the above.
    Was looking at getting another G5 (not intel) and getting some kind of sata raid solution (either built into the g5) or a seperate box (like something from Gtech). maxing out the ram.
    got a guy in town here who can build some pcs for cheap. around 500 a box for a decent intel solution.

    I do not have massive orchestral libraries here......i use lots of vi's though and use symphonic choirs from time to time.

    id prefer to not have to buy pc's. cuz it seems like a lot of tinkering and hassle making them all speak. i dont know......

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    Re: Mac (host) and PC's (slaves)

    ya....i didnt ask him for a tripped out audio pc....as i would not even know where to start in the world of pee cees
    so you think another mac would be the way to go? what about a couple mac minis?

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