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Topic: Stuck Notes with Sonar and GPO

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    Stuck Notes with Sonar and GPO

    I tried both versions, VST and DXi and there are random stuck notes during real time play, the only solution to release the stuck notes is to click on the stuck note in the cirtual Kontakt keyboard.
    Any solution for this problem?

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    Re: Stuck Notes with Sonar and GPO

    This is a bug in the NI Kontakt player that's been around for a long time. I despair of it ever getting fixed. Until it does, one workaround is to insert a "note off" command (CC#123) into your sequence at the point where the stuck notes occur.

    The problem seems to be worse in the DXI version, at least for me. I always use the VST version for that reason.
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    Re: Stuck Notes with Sonar and GPO

    I've only had stuck notes with the DXi version and these will happen right after tempo changes. Are these stuck notes occuring around tempo changes? Is it possible that the sustain pedal mode is set wrong?


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    Re: Stuck Notes with Sonar and GPO

    There are a couple of issues I've found with Sonar vs. GPO, but all are workable. You didn't say what version of Sonar you are using, not sure if that is a factor.

    I agree that the VST version works much more smoothly than the DXi, so stick with that. I've also found that latency settings that are too high confuse either Sonar or GPO, so I try to keep them below 40ms at all times. Lower is even better. If you have Sonar 5, you can use the freeze track tool to keep latencies low.
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