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Topic: Thank You Worra!

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    Thumbs up Thank You Worra!

    Hello Per,
    I was extremely happy with my purchase of White Grand and Tubed Wurlie during Sampletekk's group buy. These sample sets are produced with excellence in mind.
    Per, emailed me yesterday that I was one of the final recipients of a $200 gift certificate for even more great sample libraries!
    I am just speechless (a rare moment) I may add.
    I can't wait to see what he plans on producing next.
    Would you care to give us a hint on your next sample library Per?
    May your good karma bring you much happiness and success, Per!
    Kev Sipe

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    Re: Thank You Worra!

    He already has hinted heavily... but I dont know if we were meant to forget. So it's better he chimes in himself I think.

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    Re: Thank You Worra!

    I was picked as well, and plan on grabbing some more pianos this week.

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    Re: Thank You Worra!

    Me, too! Thanks, Worra. Just received my packages yesterday, too. Can't wait to try Vertikal & White.

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