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Topic: Which Sampler for Nuendo?

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    Which Sampler for Nuendo?

    Hey Guys...over the last few months I've gone from Logic on the Mac to Nuendo. I was using EXS and now have no sampler.

    I'm wondering what most of you suggest is best with Nuendo/Mac? No doubt it's between Kontakt (I'm not crazy about NI Mac support)....and Halion since it's a Steinberg thing...but I know nothing about Halion.

    I also have some Giga discs that I would want to import if possible.

    Thanks for any suggestions on the best way to go. I was hoping the Mac version of Giga would be out soon but I really can't wait at this point..

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    Re: Which Sampler for Nuendo?

    Kontakt 2 is the way to go I guess.

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    Re: Which Sampler for Nuendo?

    Kontakt, hands down!
    It's way beyond the competition on Apple Macs, and there are some extremely bright and benevolent programmers writing scripts (who also contribute to this forum).

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