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Topic: Error When Downloading Instrument...

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    Exclamation Error When Downloading Instrument...


    I have this strange problem when loading instruments in (Cubase sx3)rewire mode.
    When I'm loading bigger instrument (First GigaPiano II Le and then GigaPiano II - memory used 5% - 3G installed) in rewire mode it says:
    "Unknown system error
    Would you like to continue with loading of this performance?"
    Alternatives are OK - Cancel
    It doesn't matter which one I select, same result, it stops loading.
    After this if I try to edit any of instruments or open QuickEdit it says:
    "Giga system drivers are not properly initialized."
    When I Unload all instruments, it lets load the one which gave the error.
    But after reboot and when running GigaStudio in stand alone mode, it lets me load lot of big (around1G) instruments (memory used >45%).
    I have done re-installing and converted all gig.files to 3.0.
    What should I do next?

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    Re: Error When Downloading Instrument...

    "Unknown system errors" are often a sign that you have too little memory, or that you have enough memory but have not configured Windows "properly" for Giga purposes...

    Hit "[ctrl]+[alt]+del]" once, to open up Windows Task Manager.

    Click on the "processes" tab, and look for the "msg32.exe" process.

    Then load as many instruments as you can in Giga, one at a time, always watching the msg32 number increase. Do you get the error at approximately the same number each time?


    Search here and at the VSL Giga forum for discussion regarding Mattias' memory optimization tool, which can be found here:


    Playing around with your memory settings may be all you need to resolve this... but do read the threads carefully, as mucking about in Windows can always be risky business...

    Good luck!!
    — alanb




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    Re: Error When Downloading Instrument...

    Yes, that might resolve be the problem.
    Better watch that msg32.exe more closely..

    Thank you Alanb for your reply!

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