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Topic: Please. Please. Someone Help me.!

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    Please. Please. Someone Help me.!

    Ive upgraded my ENTIRE system in order for me to run GPO without any pops and glitches.

    Sadly, I still get those Nasty glitches and I just dont know what to do ANYMORE.

    I've called tech support for native instrument and digidesing DOZENS of times and I still can't seem to fix this problem.

    I really love my GPO and I want to use this program over any other ones out there.

    My system.
    - Windows Home Edition SP2
    - Pentium Dual 2.8 GHz with 2 GB of RAM
    - Running Protools 7.1 on MBOX2 (Passes all compadability issues on digidesign site...chipset...os...etc.)
    - Garritan Personal Orch. version 2 with Kontact

    Things I've tried.
    - Raise H/W Buffer Size up to 2098(?) or so. As high as my mbox2 will go
    - Download any updates from Garritan and Digidesing site. (kontact and protools 7.1)
    - Change sample rate to 44.1 Khz, 16-bit
    - Move Protools Session File to a secondary hard drive, keeping the Garritan Library folder on the main drive(c
    - optimized my system with www.musinxp.net and from Protools Getting Started Handbook

    I Still get pops and glitches.

    Am I out of luck??????

    Please. Help me.

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    Re: Please. Please. Someone Help me.!

    Have you tried turning off hyperthreading?


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    Re: Please. Please. Someone Help me.!

    Yes... I have

    I've tried using 1 processor instead 2.

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    Re: Please. Please. Someone Help me.!

    Well, what about latency? Try it at 50 ms. Also, I would reduce buffers.

    Perhaps the sound card is at fault? Have you checked for the latest drivers? this seems to be a big issue for Creative Labs.


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    Re: Please. Please. Someone Help me.!

    Sorry to ask the obvious, but you are using your dedicated ASIO drivers for your mbox?

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    Re: Please. Please. Someone Help me.!

    Yes. Im using my dedicated ASIO drivers for my mbox.

    I feel like I've tried everything and anything I've been suggested....
    boo~ whoo~

    Yet those nasty pops and glitches...(although it's gotten better after optimizing my computer...but still there...can't completely kill 'em)

    I'm giving up : ( I'm throwing inn my towel.

    So I shall abandon my PC that I've purchased recently, and stepping into the mac world. Mac should give me less headache right? Right?

    Hopefully no more battle with the machines. But Peace, harmony, and beautiful music.

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