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Topic: GVI / LearnGigaStudio.com

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    GVI / LearnGigaStudio.com

    Posted today @ VSL, by Dave Govett:

    Quote Originally Posted by David Govett
    From what I can tell, GVI is basically waiting on final documentation at this point. Should be out soon. Larry Seyer is working on the learngigastudio website and that should up before too long. (staring yours truly)
    Reasons to be cheerful, part four...
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    Re: GVI / LearnGigaStudio.com

    Thanks Alan. Really good news! Did you hear whether or not there was also a new GigaStudio Mastery set?

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    Re: GVI / LearnGigaStudio.com

    Thanks Alan! Looking foward to learngigastudio.com!!!


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    Re: GVI / LearnGigaStudio.com

    Very cool. There may still be some time needed for duplication of discs, generation of packaging, etc. I would guess that even if there is a download version, they would launch both download and packaged at the same time.

    As I recall from GS3, duplication/packaging/etc took 3-4 weeks. Add the documentation time and stir briskly.

    Sounds like sometime in September to me...

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    Hello Jon,
    I hope you are right in your estimation for GVI. This will be my last attempt at Tascam owned Giga stuff. I hope they get it right. I have just built an E6700 DAW with all Intel guts, DP965LT, and 3 x Scope 15 DSP cards. GVI was what I had in mind when building this. What the hell, one more try for my old favorite sampler. If it sucseeds I will proudly post my results. If it fails like GS3 has, I will seek stability elsewhere. I have got my fingers crossed. I am very glad to see Govett, and Seyer directly involved. Good to know that this won't be another Sonic Control forum, which was totally inept IMHO.Glad to see you are still plugging away. Good luck with your future, and with Sharp.

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