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Topic: Best PC for GPO?

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    Best PC for GPO?

    My apologies if this is a common question, but I searched and could not
    find any similar postings.

    I am thinking about getting a new desktop PC. Does anyone have any
    suggestions for running GPO and Sonar? I would like to load lots of instruments at the same time.

    I'm especially interested in the following:

    1) Is there any advantage to getting a Core 2 Duo system?

    2) Is there any advantage to getting more than 2gb of RAM? I'm vague on this but I read something about XP dividing your RAM between the OS and user apps, such that even if I had 4gb, GPO would only get 2. Is this true?
    What's the ideal amount of memory?

    3) Are there any other important hardware considerations for loading/playing lots of GPO instruments?

    thank you, klassical

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    Re: Best PC for GPO?

    Check out the Cakewalk site and look into using the 64-bit version of Sonar: http://www.cakewalk.com/x64/default.asp. I'm looking into purchasing the Dual Core 2 processor in a few more months and moving to 64-bit. This will allow being able to use more memory.

    At this time though I would recommend doing research into what issues the early adopters of the dual core 2 processors are running into and to find out what issues NI plugins are having.


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    Re: Best PC for GPO?

    Thanks for the reply, Haydn.

    I'm surprised that I haven't gotten more replies. I thought people would
    have strong opinions on the best PC for GPO.

    For anyone interested, here is some info about the Core 2 Duo (thanks to Wikipedia).

    "The first Intel Core 2 Duo processor core, codenamed Conroe, was launched on 27 July 2006. This processor is built on a 65 nm process and is intended for desktops, replacing the Pentium 4 and Pentium D. Intel has claimed that Conroe provides 40% more performance at 40% less power compared to the Pentium D."

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