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Topic: composed a new leader

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    composed a new leader

    hey everyone,

    although i visit NS quite regularly, this is the first time i post something. if this is not the right subforum to post something like this in, my sincere apologies.

    anyway i'd like to hear some comments on a leader I wrote a few days ago: http://www.arjanraatgever.nl/juliana

    i just entered it in a pitch to try to land a composing gig for a television series about the former Dutch queen Juliana.

    i would be very grateful to receive any critique on composition/sound, mixing, programming, etc. i only recently started working with Cubase (ex-Logic user) in combination with Gigastudio. samplingwise for this cue i mainly used VSL combined with some old school Miroslav, the reverb is Ambience from Magnus.

    thanks in advance for any comments!


    arjan raatgever

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    Re: composed a new leader

    Hi Arjan Raatgever,

    Very good as a taster to try and get the work. Some nice touches with cymbal crescendos but more importantly melodies that a target audience would go for. My only thought is that it sounds alot like a Scoring tools demo but would an audience/TV exec think that ? I doubt it.
    I hope it works in securing the gig.


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