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Topic: Synthy strings?

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    Synthy strings?

    Hi all.

    Just finished this peice for a student film I am scoring. Wanted to know if any of you think the strings sound to synthy? And no harping on the piano sound! I have yet to receive my piano lib; what you're hearing is a JV-1080, which is halfway decent at best.
    Thanks in advance!



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    Re: Synthy strings?

    From :30 to :40 the release times being different sounds odd to me.
    Also some of the changes frome note to note I think would be played more legato ... rather than the obvious swell then stop and begin the next note quieter, swell stop, repeat same pattern etc.

    I'd not say the sound is synthy, just the approach to the performance isn't as real as it could be.

    It's still a nice composition.

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    Re: Synthy strings?

    I agree with Steve. It's the repetitive swell that is the red flag. Oddly, it's only really noticeable in the first half. What to do...was your playing technique in the second half differnt? if with velocity you can moderate the swell, that'd be a start. Or download the demo from www.synful.com, and try mixing in either the sections or solo violin with what you've got.

    Mixing different string samples often hides the fakeness of them both..

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    Re: Synthy strings?

    Nice Work, Jeff!

    The sound quality of the strings itself is quite decent when sustained...

    My initial reaction of the strings was a noticeable pause between notes, which can add to that dreaded synthy sound. (Whereas a string section may play in one continuous movement)
    Perhaps to extend the note lengths a touch so that the start and stop slightly overlap may create a smoother blend.

    ....of course its dependent on the mood/feel you're going for.

    just a thought..

    ...A great melody, by the way!


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    Re: Synthy strings?

    Thanks for the advice and kind words.

    Looks like I have some work to do....LOL

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    Re: Synthy strings?

    I haven't listened but sometimes it's better to have good synth strings than mediocre string samples. At least synth strings don't pretend to be real.


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    Re: Synthy strings?

    These strings are EWQLSO Platinum, is that correct?

    These sound very synthy both the composition/performance and the sound of it here. The attacks and decays sound strange and cut off.

    This needs a lot of fine tuning with using different patches and different mic positions or more reverb. The cut offs at the end of the notes are particularly fake sounding. Use more ADSR tweaking if necessary.


    Get Sonic Implants strings, it will solve half of your problems.

    I liked your piano parts the most though.

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