Mixing problem here: I can’t figure out how to get all my equipment/ software levels correct to get an accurate level. I use Logic Pro 7 on a Mac dual G5, my sound card is MOTU 828 MK II (firewire) and my monitors (2) are Event 20/20 BAS. Here’s the problem I believe that something is too low and I am compensating in the software and I am getting distortion of my mix downs- but I can barely hear the song. Here are my levels/ gains:

Logic Main Mixdown track: 0.0 dB

MOTU Main out: -34 db

Event Monitors input level: 7 (max is 10)

My plug-ins and such are at the level that I load them at, I don’t mess with the gains on these too much.

Should I turn something down and turn something else up so that I can actually mix correctly? Thank you for your help!