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Topic: Liszt - Concert 1 - GPO

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    Liszt - Concert 1 - GPO

    I'm new to this forum and to gpo, I made this mp3 with GPO and Sonar to practice the new program.
    I'm not so convinced about the central "fortissimo" brass section and
    alternate up and down bows, you can tell me your opinion.
    I've added some reverb with the sonar plugin, it's not so bad.
    You can find the score in www.sheetmusicarchive.net

    The mp3 (only first movement):



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    Re: Liszt - Concert 1 - GPO

    Not that bad... ,

    If I may give you an advice, but I'm a novice to GPO, too: Sometimes the Strings could sound better (means more realistic) if you put the section strings and one Solo-Instrument together - always (for example: I have two tracks for the 1st Violin). Then, I recommend to read the tutorial http://www.garritan.com/tutorial/MasterClass_Strings.html

    But the piano-part sounds great!


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    Re: Liszt - Concert 1 - GPO


    I'm impressed that you did this as a first try... just to get used to the program. If you heard my first attempt... Suffice to say, it was really bad.

    Is there a way for you to set up streaming mp3's through rapidshare? It was a little annoying to download. Mind you, I will be keeping this, but in general, so many people post here... my hard drive would be full in a month or two. LOL

    When will we get to hear one of your pieces? If it is half as good as the Listz, then I will be very impressed. As I said, my early posts were really bad. You've got me beat with your first post!

    Welcome to the Forum!!

    Prowland the posting Ninja

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    Re: Liszt - Concert 1 - GPO

    Thank you both for your advices and support!
    It took me 4 days to do this one, I've played the piano part
    almost in real time, speeded up if needed and corrected the errors.
    I've also played by hand the other instruments, I think this results more
    realistic on thath way. I've to practice with a lot of features of GPO and
    I think that I will complete this piece before start doing my pieces.
    For now I have also a collection of small piano improvvisations but
    I will reorganize them very soon.

    Prowland, try out this link and tell me if it works:

    Liszt Concert 1

    Thank you again!

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    Re: Liszt - Concert 1 - GPO


    Perfect!! Streaming is best for most of us here. Our own wav files take up enough space as it is! LOL Had to listen to the whole thing again. Still great!

    Thank you for sharing this,

    Prowland the posting Ninja

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    Re: Liszt - Concert 1 - GPO


    Wow...what an undertaking and especially for a practice piece. You really did well, and yes some reverb (but not too much) gives a better feeling of space. Your piano skills are excellent. The GPO really came through in your rendering of this work.

    Can't wait to hear more of your music!!!



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    Re: Liszt - Concert 1 - GPO

    Welcome aboard, Hannibal!

    Wow, this is one heck of a way to say hello, too!

    If this is a practice piece, it's going to be really,
    really interesting to hear when you get serious.

    Hannibal, this is a huge undertaking. Does it need
    some work? Sure... like most every piece in the
    forum, getting in there and shining shoes would
    bring out more.

    But on the overall, this is one excellent performance.
    The musicianship is first rate -- superb interpretation
    of the Liszt... and for only four days work on it; the
    rendering and execution is top-flight.

    With applause!


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    Re: Liszt - Concert 1 - GPO

    Thank you all, thank you again for your support!!
    I'm going to finish the concert thanks to your encouragement!!

    (the next piece I'm planning to do is "les preludes", yes, Liszt is my favourite
    one !! I'm very courious if I can recreate the power of the piece, especially in the final page!!)

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