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Topic: 'Synth' sounds for commercial

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    'Synth' sounds for commercial

    Hi there,

    I have a client for a major consumer product that wants a cue in the spirit of

    OMD's - "Electricity" song. What is really floating their boat is the 'bouncy' 'happy' sound it has.

    Translation :grin: - 'poppy', synth picking up the theme. Sort of a 80's sound.

    While I have tons of Orchestral - I am really lite on these synth sounds. Can anyone recommend a good source for tons of synth sounds - nothing ethereall or pad like (have Atmosphere).

    Free downloads for this would be great of course (as I don't get this request a lot)- but something I can DL today (if a commercial product). The client needs a 30 sec demo this evening.

    Many thanks!!!!

    Rob Elliott Music

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    Re: 'Synth' sounds for commercial

    Hi Lee,

    Yes I am running Cubase's SX. There are some there I bet (thanks for the reminder). I also run Kontakt on that machine.

    Rob Elliott Music

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    Re: 'Synth' sounds for commercial

    Excellent synth Vsti and AU (which also uses Soundfonts) from G.Olander now at Spectrasonics. And it's free.

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    Re: 'Synth' sounds for commercial

    Some free ones I know off the top of my head are:

    Crystal (already mentioned)
    Triangle 2
    Synth 1
    String Theory

    I think k-v-r is a great resource for this. You look use their search system and look for free synths and then read the reviews.

    Good luck.

    For original progressive electronic rock influenced by J.S. Bach and (old) Rush, check out: www.soundclick.com/jeffreynaness.

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    Re: 'Synth' sounds for commercial

    For that happy poppy synth sound, try the free Superwave P8 - straight out of the 80's and even its presets are named after the bands that used them.


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    Re: 'Synth' sounds for commercial

    Quote Originally Posted by Rob Elliott
    Can anyone recommend a good source for tons of synth sounds - nothing ethereall or pad like (have Atmosphere).
    Ok the Sonic Synth by IK Multimedia is not free (320$), but it has a vast variety of wonderful poppy synth-sounds based on 8 GB samples of nearly any known synth you can think of. And 8 GB is realy not bad for Synthsamples because you often dont realy dont need neither dozens of vel÷ocity layers nor endless long samples you are used to with orchestrasamples, since you can often loop them and manipulate the sounds with your sampleengine just as you would have done it with the original synths. Most of the patches already have lots of different presets which gives you in total out of the box thousends of sounds.
    Ok some of the patches are conventional workstation-patches, but the main topic of this plug is a vast synth collection especially great for 'historic' synths, with tons "elements" which means raw wave-samples and also tons with any kind of other synthpatches. So take a look at it. I am shure you will find absolutly what you are surching for. Here is a mp3-Demo
    There is also a ful functional demo with 20 free Patches. in this download area.


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    Re: 'Synth' sounds for commercial

    Quote Originally Posted by Argitoth
    There's a lot more to a "synthy sound" composition than a synth. I'm concerned that because you don't have a good foundation you won't be able to compose in this style professionally. I don't know if I'm going to get flamed for saying this, but in my opinion, composing professional electronic "synth" music requires far more technical skill and than orchestral music. Let it be known that professional trance music requires very little skill once you have a good foundation, that's not the kind of electronic music I'm referring to.
    Totally agree. I've noticed that the average classically trained composer tend to look down on electronic music, simply because they are not well-versed in it and do not understand what makes good electronic music (some even call it hip-hop and rap, which is totally wrong, but that's another topic altogether), and they also think electronic music is very elementary in terms of music theory--this can be true of bad electronic music, but not of the good ones.

    In most good electronic music, usage of factory presets is frowned upon (unless you tweak them in clever ways), and respected electronic musicians are known for not only their composition and arrangement, but also their technical prowess in sound design, understanding of various synthesis methods, and usage of clever ways to modulate/manipulate/molest sounds and make them his/her bitch. They cut, paste, tweak, downsample, stretch, filter, delay, compress, phase, distort, equalize..etc and basically decimate and morph and create sounds in a beautiful way, and sequence sounds in such a way that's very complex and very different from other forms of music that rely on conventional structures.

    For orchestral guys, something like VI might be the wet dream tool, but for electronic guys, polar-opposites of super-highend modular environments like Reaktor 5, or super-lowend synthedit crappy sounding freeware VSTI's that make the same sounds that old Nintendo game consoles used to make in the 8 bit days, are both equally exciting and appealing. In their eyes, beautifully complex and evolving soundscapes done with wavetable sequences are not "better" than some grungy weird sound that sounds like a voltage converter throwing up after drinking too much--they're just different.

    You might think based on my description the electronic guys are more open-minded. Not really. Many detest conventional music theory and anything that sounds like conventional music, and they can't stand the classical guys. Some electronic guys are just knob twiddlers with no musicial knowledge or compositional skill whatsoever--they make basically sequenced noises and takes pride in the fact they have zero music theory knowledge and can't write an evocative melody to save their lives.

    Then there are the guys who are good musicians AND they are technical experts--these guys make the best electronic music IMO.

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